Establishing a Longevity Caucus In Congress

By establishing the Longevity Caucus in Congress, the Longevity Industry will have a foundation for future policy reform efforts.

The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives is working towards the establishment of a “Longevity Caucus” in Congress. This caucus should be composed of a bipartisan mix of Senators and Representatives, who understand that the US government should actively work to increase healthy lifespan, as it’s both morally and financially sensible. The caucus will serve as a launching point for future legislative action, and will allow A4LI to identify Congressional allies to the longevity industry.

Creating New Economic Measures that Promote Increasing Healthy Lifespan

If we can reorient our economy to focus on people living healthier for longer, the economic gains will be unparalleled.

The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives supports implementing new measures of economic success at the Bureau of Economic Analysis, with health-adjusted life expectancy being highlighted as the focus point in the US government's economic vision. The Longevity Dividend hypothesis argues that the economic growth resulting from increasing the average healthy life expectancy could be unparalleled, as a population that maintains excellent health in older age can be magnitudes more productive and will spend much less on medical expenses. If the US government takes actions to increase healthy life expectancy, our economy will prosper as a result.