Helping the FDA to Understand and Support Geroscience and Longevity Medicine Advancements

The FDA must come to understand that gerotherapies and longevity medicine will change the landscape of medicine, and must treat them as such.

The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives will advocate for the FDA to create a specified approval path for longevity medicines. Ending the epidemic of chronic age-related diseases requires longevity medicines to be approved by the FDA to extend healthspan, reduce frailty, and prevent diseases. Congress and the FDA need to put a priority on using safe and effective medicines to preempt disease, reducing Multi-Morbidity Risk, or MMR.

Support Foundational Drug Discovery Advancements

Our government must invest in cutting-edge, paradigm-shifting drug discovery methods and techniques.

The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives would like policymakers to encourage the advancement and adoption of better drug discovery technologies and methodologies, to increase the speed and accuracy at which we can create and test lifesaving drugs. This may include anything from passing legislation to advance organ-on-a-chip technologies to appropriating more funds to the FDA so the agency can hire more staff, to increase the speed and efficiency at which drugs are reviewed.