Increasing Funding for the National Institute on Aging - Division of Aging Biology

The National Institute on Aging - Division of Aging Biology has the chance to be catalyst for longevity research, if properly funded.

The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives is working towards the establishment of a “Longevity Caucus” in Congress. This caucus should be composed of a bipartisan mix of Senators and Representatives, who understand that the US government should actively work to increase healthy lifespan, as it’s both morally and financially sensible. The caucus will serve as a launching point for future legislative action, and will allow A4LI to identify Congressional allies to the longevity industry.

Advocating for ARPA-H to Focus on Advancements in Geroscience and Longevity Medicine

ARPA-H must be a well-funded and geroscience/longevity medicine focused if the agency is to be as effective as possible.

The Alliance for Longevity Initiatives supports the establishment and appropriate funding of ARPA-H, and is urging Congress to ensure program managers with geroscience drug discovery backgrounds be included. Like DARPA, ARPA-H should be solely focused on making pivotal investments in next-generation, breakthrough medical technologies. Geroscience has the ability to treat many of the diseases of late life at the same time, and should be given high priority as ARPA-H is established.